Magical Thinking


“Magical thinking’ could not be bettered as a word-window into the art of Philippa Robbins. Her themes are magical, often found in folklore, fairytales or the manifestations of the strange around us, but just as magical is her transubstantiation of thoughts into haunting visual images – her translation of woven baskets into a drawn language as intricate and ordered as the baskets themselves, her conjuring of pieces of lace or coral as reliquaries of past life, or her invention of a scene so impossibly familiar that one wonders if it has rekindled a spark of lost memory.” Dr Peter Wakelin

Selected images from the solo exhibition at The Art Shop, Abergavenny in Autumn 2013.

The Baskets

The Baskets Conté on paper 100 cm x 140 cm

The Christening Dress

Ghent Christening Gown acrylic on panel 58 cm x 41 cm

Scalded Baby in 1968

Scalded Baby in 1968 acrylic on board 14 cm x 18 cm

Mexico: Cactus

Mexico Cactus acrylic on gessoed paper 76 cm x 58 cm

Self Portrait with Pelvis

Self Portrait with Pelvis Conté on paper 55 cm x 120 cm

Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever

Forever and Ever acrylic on paper in tin nicho

The Changing Room

The Changing Room acrylic on panel 42 cm x 58 cm

Drawing for Looking After Snowy

Looking After Snowy Conté on paper 100 cm x 140 cm


Forever and Ever and Ever acrylic on panel 21 cm x 19 cm

Crow Perched

Rook acrylic on paper in nicho