I’m very excited to be able to announce that from 2nd December 2017 to 10th February 2018 Flock will be roosting at the Owen Owen Gallery, MoMA, Wales.


Flock in New York

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2017 (Solo) Carapace, The Art Shop and Chapel, Abergavenny

(Solo) Flock, MoMA, Wales.

2016 Triforium Exhibiton, Triforium, Temple Church, London.

(Solo) Waterloo Tea Rooms, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff April 4th – May 3rd

(Solo) Washington Tea Rooms, Penarth, April 4th – May 3rd

(Solo) Waterloo Gardens, Penylan March 7th – April 4th

2015 (Solo) Time and Place, The Art Shop and Chapel, Abergavenny

A Winter Wildness, The Art Shop, Abergavenny

2014 Open Books, an exhibition of artists’ folding books.  Beginning in November 2013 in Hangzhou, China, the exhibition toured to Hong Kong and Australia in 2014.

The Winter Show, The Art Shop, Abergavenny.

2013 (Solo) Magical Thinking, The Art Shop, Abergavenny

The Long Winter Show, The Art Shop, Abergavenny

Open Books, an exhibition of artists’ folding books.  Beginning in November 2013 in Hangzhou, China, the exhibition toured to Hong Kong and Australia in 2014.

2011 Art for Children, MoMA Wales, Machynlleth.

2010 University of Glamorgan Art Purchase Prize  (Female Wales)
Oriel y Bont, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd.

University of Glamorgan Art Purchase Prize 2010 (Female Wales)
Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Kings Road Artists Show, The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff.
Welsh Artist of the Year, St David’s Hall, Cardiff

2009 Drawn In, Sidcot Arts Centre, Winscombe, North Somerset

2008 RWA 156th Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

Artist of Fame and Promise, Beaux Arts, Bath, Bath

Final Show Down, Garej Art Space, Cardiff

2007 Broken Headlight, Garej, Kings Road Studios, Pontcanna, Cardiff

Autumn Show, Gallery Redbill, Shotton

Summer Exhibition, Attic Gallery, Swansea

Undo, Centrespace Gallery, Leonard Lane, Bristol, Bristol

Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath

London Art Fair / Victor Felix Gallery, London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, London

2006 Winter Group Exhibition 2006-2007, Attic Gallery, Swansea

Where We’re @, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff

Winter Show, Gallery Redbill, Shotton

Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

Summer Show, Attic Gallery, Swansea

Summer Exhibition, RA, London

Mystery Postcards, National Portrait Gallery, London

2005 Washington Art Gallery, Penarth

Face Value, Chelsea Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Drawing Out the City, Bay Art, Cardiff

153 Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

Medical Edge, EuroArt, London

Summer Show, Royal Academy, London

Absence, Menier Gallery, London

Hunting Arts Prizes, Royal College of Art, London

Sense and Sensuality, BlindArt Inaugural Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London

2004 The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

152 Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London

Competitions, prizes and awards

Outstanding regional Entry, Discerning Eye 2004 , London

First Prize (Painting), RWA Autumn Exhibition 2004 , Bristol

Waterloo Tea Rooms

From 8th March to 3rd April I will be showing work at the Waterloo Gardens Tea House, Penylan, Cardiff and then from 4th April to 2nd May at Waterloo Tea, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff.

The Christening Dress

Time and Place: The Paintings

All works are on 30 cm x 30 cm Khadi paper. Khadi paper is a hand-made paper made in India from cotton rag. The irregularity, the deckel edge and non-uniform colour are all characteristics of this robust paper. The paper is primed with gesso and painted with acrylic paint. They are framed in 50 cm x 50 cm dark grey, glazed, box frames.


Bat House 2013

Stormy Castle

Stormy Castle Junction Box  2013


Mesh  2013


Wires  2013


String  2013


Step Shadow  2014


Doka Dervish 2  2014


Spool  2013


Snippings  2014


Slope  2014


Tree  2014


Shadow  2014


Timbers  2013


Stone and Mesh 2  2013


Stone and Mesh 1  2013


Rebar Shadows  2013


Rebars  2014


Raw Edge  2013


Post  2013


Pillar  2013


Elevation  2013


Chimney  2013


Mesh Shadow 3  2013

MeshDark Shadow

Mesh Shadow 2  2013


Mesh Shadow 1  2013


Tree Line  2013


Gaps  2013


Heras Shadow  2013


Scar  2013


Old Walls  2013


Doka Clamps  2013

Doka Birds

Doka Birds  2013


Doka Dervish 1  2013


Corrugated Roof  2013


Corner  2013


Gower Sky  2013


Mesh Fencing  2013


Block and Mesh  2013


Timbers 2 2013


“Philippa Robbins Carapace 4th Feb – 11th March

Private View Friday 3rd February 7-9pm

Our first exhibition of the year. The artist gives us a glimpse into her imaginative world, populated with corvids, the dark stars of the bird world, puppets, imaginary worlds and relics of infancy.”


Carapace acrylic on board 84cm x 62cm

“Themes which were introduced in Magical Thinking, of children’s clothing and of safe-keeping, are expanded upon in Carapace.
Philippa Robbins’ imagination is populated with corvids, “the dark stars of the bird world,” with puppets, imaginary worlds and relics of infancy which probe primal and uncanny dimensions, and recall the delights and fears of childhood.
Her paintings are hard-won and emerge after much editing and process, but drawing is always at the start of every piece of work and serves as an intimate clue to the workings of a mind which impresses with its sheer originality.  Elementary, common, childhood experiences are transferred into adult existence, not just through motifs and personal and scavenged imagery, but through her artistic mode of thought. Being so layered, the resulting works seem at once to be both removed from and more closely woven to their original subjects, like a pressed flower or a film still.   
Philippa Robbins lives and works in south Wales.  Born in London in 1964, she studied at SIA, Singapore and then at Cardiff College of Art. Her work has been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally, in both solo and group shows.”



Art for Children

From an article in Planet Magazine by Dr. Peter Wakelin.  Art for Children was a mixed exhibition shown in MoMA, Wales in 2011.

Definite personalities fascinate children – we have all had favourite aunties, liked strange characters and been drawn to the unusual. This can be difficult to capture in visual art, but some artists have succeeded at conveying characters that children will find interesting. Philippa Robbins has created a whole set of characters especially for this exhibition. They might appear scary at first, but they will make lots of children laugh, and they form a memorable family like you’ve never seen before. She says:

“Dora is a flat, tin Day of the Dead character. She is simply made and there’s something endearing about her despite her being a skeleton. Children are attracted by so many stimuli – from pastel to primary colours, miniature to the grandest scales, and all subject matters, so in deciding how to approach these paintings I drew on things that delighted me as a child. I was often drawn to vulnerable and unusual characters and could invest just about anything vaguely animate – dolls, mummies in the British Museum, animals – with an imagined empathy, a secret connection. As a skeleton there’s something dark about Dora, but if she’s scary, she’s safely scary like Stig of the Dump.”