Open Books


At the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The Open Books exhibition is curated by Mary Husted who says:

The idea for the exhibition came about following some time I had spent in China in 2004-5, where I had encountered the folding or ‘concertina’ books that artists often use there. I thought that giving out some of these books to artists I knew for them to fill, and then using the results in an exhibition, could form an exciting show.

In February 2009 en route for Australia, I passed through Hong Kong, where I bought a number of expanding books in two sizes. These were then given to each participating artist. As I talked with more artists about the idea, others were added. Some were only be able to complete one book, so a few of the books were passed on to others. Like the books themselves, the exhibition has unfolded. There are now sixteen of us in all, ten from Wales, three from Hong Kong, two from Australia and one from England.

From Hong Kong I chose one artist who works within the Chinese tradition of dry brush painting as well as two whose work is entirely contemporary. From Australia there are two highly respected contemporary artists. All in all the selected group of artists exhibit a wide range in style and subject matter, which makes for a lively and inventive exhibition. Some of the artists in this group are extremely well known, others less so, but all show a style, focus and individuality all their own. Their books are wonderfully diverse.

The idea has been to let the artists speak for themselves. As each book is opened and viewed we meet an individual voice, a distinctive eye.

It has already been shown in China and Australia and will open in Hong Kong at the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, on 12th December and run till mid March 2015.